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Guangzhou Chuangdao Decoration Company is a comprehensive enterprise with stone product development, design, manufacture and process, selling and professional project handling. For over 10 years rapid development, Guangzhou Chuangdao Decoration Company owns another processing factory in Yun Fu wholesale center. Meanwhile, we also have very close cooperation relationship with many quarries both in China and abroad.

The total investment of the company is more than 10 millions, and it is continuing growing up. There are more than 100 employees, the factory covers an area of nearly 7,000 square meters in total. We have successfully supplied stones for many big real estate project, such as Cavan Hotel (Guangzhou,China),PanyuWandaPlaza(Guangzhou,China),Sanya Phoenix Airport, and etc.

The technical indicator of the company is in the leading position of Stone business. Chuangdao is not only in the leading position for the technical, but also own the first and best resource for the raw material. The value of the product we provide to our customers is far away greater than the price of the product its own. We not only provide the special and stylish design of the stone  product to our customers, but also make sure we have enough goods for supplying. All products that company promotes the most will always have more than 1 thousand square meters inventory. Chuangdao has set up a long term purchasing organization inTurkeyandEurope. The stones are always under control from quarries to the end consumers. It not only helps to make the designers’ design to be more innovative, but also ensure that all products we make are qualify and with competitive price.

Chuangdao Decoration Company takes “Everybody was let to display his talents fully “as the core of the enterprise culture, always make great effort to create a platform for all employees to display their talents. The company always carries out all kinds of different and interesting cultural competition, outdoor activity, group tour and etc., makes all employees feel warm and happy like home. Chuangdao pay a lot attention to perfect match on employee’s personal development and the company’s development. So that employees can get full sense of belonging and happiness from work.

Looking forward to the future, stone business’ future will be more glorious. Chuangdao Decoration Company will always shoulder holy mission, constantly innovate, makes unremitting effort for the steady development of the stone business. Chuangdao will continue to explore around the world, in order to exploit more valuable natural stones, and provide more perfect stone solution, create more unique taste of architectural space for the human being.



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